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School &
Educational Workshops

At JPC Education, we believe in transforming school dining into a dynamic extension of the learning experience. Our School Workshops initiative is designed to inspire students, not just through the flavours on their plates but by providing hands-on opportunities to explore the world of culinary arts. Join us on a journey where every workshop is a step towards a lifelong love for proper food.

Hands-on Food Exploration

Our School Workshops go beyond traditional learning environments. We bring the kitchen into the classroom, offering students a chance to roll up their sleeves and engage in hands-on culinary exploration. Under the guidance of our experienced chefs, students discover the joy of creating delicious meals, fostering a sense of achievement and pride in their culinary creations.

Nutrition and Wellbeing

Education about nutrition is a fundamental aspect of our School Workshops. We believe that understanding the nutritional value of different foods empowers students to make informed and healthy choices. Through interactive sessions, we explore the importance of a balanced diet, promoting habits that contribute to overall well-being.

Exploring Global Traditions

JPC Education introduces students to a world of diverse flavours and culinary traditions through our workshops. From exploring the spices of Asia to the hearty meals of Europe, our goal is to broaden students' culinary horizons. By showcasing the richness of global cuisines, we foster an appreciation for cultural diversity and open the door to a lifetime of culinary exploration.

Trips to Local Farms

Our commitment to experiential learning extends beyond the classroom. JPC Education organises field trips to local farms, providing students with a first-hand understanding of where their food comes from. By connecting with local farmers and suppliers, students gain insight into sustainable farming practices, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Inspiring Future Chefs

For those with a passion for the culinary arts, our School Workshops serve as a stepping stone towards a potential career. We provide insights into the world of professional cooking, sharing knowledge about culinary schools, apprenticeships, and the exciting opportunities within the food industry. By nurturing aspiring chefs, we contribute to the future of the culinary landscape.

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