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We care about our environment and our

We are sustainable contract caterers, providing unrivalled innovation

Sustainability plays an integral role in what we do. Our social, economic and environmental objectives are rigorous and we continually develop innovative ways to support our planet.

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A promise to reduce our carbon footprint

We adopt sustainable practices that leave positive impacts on our environment, local area and wider society.

While all food travels, we have developed incredible partnerships with our local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. Our suppliers work with us to ensure local produce gets delivered to our sites with minimal food miles. Moreover, we get to monitor exactly where our food is sourced and using our local suppliers can follow the produce we use right back to the farms of origin.

Sustainable catering is paramount to us, whether that's directly involving our customers in innovative ways to support our planet or through our tireless work with our supply chains. At every stage, we develop strategic environmental goals that are deployed across our business to achieve the most ambitious objectives.

Our Plastic Promise

We're big on the environment, which is why every year we reuse and recycle as much as we possibly can all whilst maintaining our objectives for removal of all single use plastic across our network.


Our packaging is biodegradable or re-usable and we support our customers by offering incentives for re-using coffee cups, coffee grounds and supporting our environmental objectives.

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Our Social Strategy 

A circular economy that works for everyone...

Our Circular Economy Plan sets out how our business can make great changes for our local society from waste minimisation to economic growth and development. The fundamental phases of our circular economy are:-

- To reduce waste 

- To minimise pollution and use of natural resources

- To empower our customers to act

- Increase circularity work for local people

- Enable resilient supply chains 

- Give back to the community 

Between 2017 and 2023 we have reduced our footprint tenfold, and our target for 2025 is even more ambitious.

Get in touch with us

To discuss our Contract Catering & Workplace food services, call us on 01656 724 363 or email us at

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