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Bringing the latest in technology to enhance your workplace

We provide your workforce with the tools for an efficient services

At Just Perfect Catering we not only deliver a high quality catering service but we do so with a vision to secure a future for your workforce built on efficiency. This means investing in the latest technology for their future. We deliver modern equipment alongside fully integrated apps and technology for a safer streamlined experience  that ensures every aspect of your site’s catering facilities meet the demands of tomorrow.

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We use the latest and most advanced payment technology and ordering apps across our network to ensure effortless and seamless ordering solutions for our workplace catering sites.

Our customers make use of their lunch break by pre-ordering from our range of menus online, ensuring they have more time to eat and relax before returning to work

Working with leading specialists in the technological fields, we've been able to increase efficiency and safety of our entire network through the Coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that our services are not interrupted at any point.

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We take an adaptive approach

Our adaptive technology ensured flexibility in our services, enhancing how we connect with our consumers through new and innovative technological approaches.


We have invested in the latest technology which has enabled us to meet our client requirements and improve our customer experience. We have adopted a range of technology-based POS systems from
app-based ordering software and online menu formats to touch digi-screens, queue reduction technology and tilling systems that have enabled maximum efficiency in our food services and ensured the longevity of workplace catering alongside traditional hospitality and retail solutions which facilitate direct engagement with our customers.

Technology and our planet

New technology introduced by the business has supported us in diversifying our services and controlling costs and driving sustainability by decreasing food waste.


We are implementing technology to measure food waste, cut our overproduction and to ensure a zero-waste model is now fully achievable and practical.


We remain committed to continuing our agility and providing benefit to our clients and customers through digitalisation and our focus on innovation that is driven by data to ensure cost effective and efficient services, enabling us to continually evolve and continually meet customer and client demand quickly and proactively.

Get in touch with us

To discuss our Contract Catering & Workplace food services, call us on 01656 724 363 or email us at

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