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Workplace Catering with a focus on your wellbeing

We know the impact food has on your workforce's wellbeing

Wellbeing has become even more important to us all in 2022. We take care of your workforce by focusing on specialist nutrition and in supporting their health & mental wellbeing. We create places to connect and relax, improving productivity and increasing wellbeing. 


Here for your workforce

We are committed to supporting your employees to live a balanced lifestyle such as providing healthy on-site demos and through our Ministry of Health initiatives.

Healthy food, healthy you

We are committed to ensuring our customers have access to healthy lifestyles wherever possible through our contract food services. This includes reduced consumption of salt, fat and sugar. It also means a hands-on approach to increasing fruit and vegetable intake and we do this without ever compromising on quality.

Innovative Wellbeing

Our focus on wellbeing doesn't stop at supporting your workforce make healthy changes. We also promote healthy living through our developed Food Matters and Ministry of Health initiatives which includes seasonal wellbeing tips, articles and recipes, developed by our executive chefs and provided free to our customers across our food services. This ensures the work we do towards supporting balanced lifestyles is available outside of the work environment too.

#HereForYou Campaign

Following a difficult few years, our Here For You campaign provides our customers with a safe, relaxing environment where someone will always be available to listen. Our teams are friendly, open and they care about their customers.


We've always nurtured services and staff restaurants and workplace catering facilities that are friendly environments, and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic have enhanced our presence to ensure no one feels alone when visiting with us. We wholly believe in opening up the conversation and removing the stigma around mental health, for the benefit of us all.


Our Future
of Food focuses on your workforce

Everything we do, from what we prepare and how we communicate this to your workforce, to our menus to the atmosphere of the contract food service at your site, is intended to make your workforce feel good, healthy and inspired so they can make the right decisions.

We consider businesses who offer first-rate, nutritious food services to their workforces to be making investments in their own future and growth, which is why our workplace catering solutions pair high-quality, local and fresh food with clever choices and inspiring concepts that satisfy Covid safety and our concepts for the future of food in workplaces. We can all work together to contribute to the health of our collective workforces by being proactive and choosing a contract caterer who truly care.

How we ensure health is paramount

We prepare food with saturate-free fats. Rapeseed oil is used instead of traditional cooking oil. 


When necessary, we also seek less-saturated items like dairy and make an effort to use leaner cuts of red meat when they are offered on our menus to ensure your workforce have access to healthier food at all times.

We cook with as little salt and sugar as possible, instead we implore our executive chef's to flavour our food using herbs, spices, marinades, or natural sweeteners that are better for the consumer and the planet.

We grill and steam our food. While grilling is minimal in fat and seals in flavour, steaming preserves as many nutrients as possible in the meat, fish, or vegetables our chef's are serving your workforce.

Get in touch with us

To discuss our Contract Catering & Workplace food services, call us on 01656 724 363 or email us at

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