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Fuelling futures, empowering minds

We are redefining catering for education. Our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences is rooted in our belief that real chefs, fresh and regional food and a dedication to education and learning can empower minds and fuel the futures of students, all whilst focussing on learning about the value of our Welsh circular economy.

Real Food, 
Real Chefs

Elevate the dining experience with our chef’s expertise. Our chefs create menus that feature only the finest regional ingredients, creating meals that are not just nourishing but celebrate local flavours.


Student engagement
with food

Our goal isn't just to serve meals, it's about fostering a culture of learning through food. We integrate food education into the school experience, offering cooking classes, workshops, and interactive sessions. Through our programmes, students gain a deeper understanding of the food they consume and its connection to the local community.

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School Workshops

We believe in growing education beyond traditional classrooms. Our school workshops are designed to inspire a love for proper food, cooked by our skilled chefs. It's not just about eating; it's about understanding and appreciating the journey from farm to fork.

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Our Menus

Our menus are crafted to meet the unique tastes and dietary needs of students across primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and independent schools.

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