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Transformative Workplace Catering Services that empower your people

Our dedication to innovation and wellbeing ensures we stand out

Workplace catering has changed and we've adapted our services not only to ensure we meet demand but to provide refreshing services to workforces across the country with a focus on good food, unparalleled service and a dedication to wellbeing and innovation. We know food can energise, refresh, engage, and inspire your workforce. We're using this ability to support our customers and clients as they confidently transition towards a post-Covid future by providing leading transformative services.


JPC Workplaces

We continue to deliver innovative, fresh ideas throughout our JPC Workplaces contract catering solutions to maintain an exciting service and ensure we're always using the freshest in seasonal ingredients. Our services ensure retention of customers and our promotions, concepts and innovation guarantee customer attraction.

Our talented team of executive chefs create inspiring dishes all whilst ensuring menus are seasonal, fresh and creative. Food brings people together, it's a great way for people to interact and socialise and Just Perfect Catering always to create healthy environments and exciting atmospheres at the workplaces in which we operate.

At Just Perfect Catering we actively work with producers and suppliers from the local communities in which we operate, provide practical and engaging economic benefit across our workplace catering solutions, increasing the quality of the service to your workforce by providing fresh, local ingredients. Our extensive knowledge of workplace catering and successful staff restaurants means we can provide the expertise to fulfil requirements from day one.

Grab and Go

We’re modifying our catering models to connect with our customers seamlessly through an optimised consumer experience based on our Stay Safe Eat Well concept. Our Good to Go outlet brand brings a fresh approach to scalable catering which easily meets changing demand.


Good to Go has been tried and tested to provide the perfect blend of ready to go convenience, quality, efficiency and safety coupled with great tasting food to rival the high street offer. Good to Go not only meets the changes required from workplace catering but will stand the test of time and the changes we face as we move into the future of workplace catering. 

JPC Workplaces includes:-

-A fully branded, modernised staff restaurant

- 24 hour vending services

-Hospitality focussed on high quality produce and guaranteed satisfaction

-New and exciting food concepts based on trends and future innovation

-Added value with the promotion of high quality, good value food

-Fresh and exciting menus with frequent development in line with market trends and our ‘Future of Food’ ethos

-Development of Online ordering for efficient, safer services 

-Menus that incorporate health recommendations set out by nutritionists and mental wellbeing specialists whilst catering for all dietary requirements

-Food based on our ethos for local, regional produce

-Enhanced feedback mechanisms

-Marketing and promotions to drive sales and prevent buy away, including innovative ideas around wellbeing and food trends


Your B&I Catering Partner

Teams who work hard require a service just as effective as their work. We provide healthy meals in inventive ways, from overseeing on-site restaurants that are fast, efficient and quality driven to ensuring that vending machines are always filled with the right food to help productivity and keep energy levels at optimal levels.


Our B&I catering solutions were created to ensure we continue to keep up the pace with teams at warehouses, distribution centres and factories.

Get in touch with us

To discuss our Contract Catering & Workplace food services, call us on 01656 724 363 or email us at

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