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Providing tailored havens for your workforce

Coffee shops that deliver more than just beans

Our cafes and coffee shops are tailored to feel like independent coffee shops away from the high street, they're havens for your workforce and a place to take time away from their desks. Somewhere to socialise and feel inspired. We create vibrant spaces that become social hubs for your workforce offering quality coffee and food


Tailored spaces

A positive experience increases productivity, engagement, and loyalty. In places like our coffee shops we create unique and tailored ideas not pre-defined packages that fit a certain model. To be genuinely effective, coffee shops need time and thought to develop as a place your workplace will want to spend their time relaxing and taking rest from the busy workday. It's for this reason we focus on tailoring our coffee shops to each workplace- providing a rival to the high street with flair and focus.

Good coffee, always

Through a network of local roasters who in turn give back directly to the very communities with which they trade, we ethically source some of the best coffee in the country.

Coffee shops of the future

we employ the science and art of coffee to produce remarkable results, for our customers and commercially for our clients.

Your workforce needs are constantly evolving in an ever-changing world, which is why we develop new and exciting ways to deliver coffee shops that provide not only a tailored experience but an experience that stands the test of time, whether our inventive hot food-to-go experiences, our range of click and collect options or a fully self-service coffee shop.

Get in touch with us

To discuss our Contract Catering & Workplace food services, call us on 01656 724 363 or email us at

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