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An Interview with our staff

Jade Harris is 23 years old and currently lives in Bridgend. Jade has worked for Just Perfect Catering for six years, making her one of our longest serving members of staff, starting with us not long after her 17th Birthday in 2011. Jade started with Just Perfect Catering as part of a summer job, but her dedication, and our realisation of her abilities meant Jade was able to develop, ensuring a bright future as a member of the Just Perfect team. During her employment, she was able to gain her NVQ’s and developed through training which lead her to become the manager of one of our sites in February 2017 and says she has loved every minute of it.

Jade’s employment with Just Perfect Catering is extremely unique, because Jade has worked in numerous areas of the business, and her role really is varied. Jade has had the opportunity to develop herself personally and professionally, working at several of our sites, helping the central team with sourcing and setting up new sites, working at special events, weddings, and conferences, and even spending evenings in fields on location working with the cast and crews of Doctor Who, Casualty, Aston Martin and numerous BBC and ITV productions.

Jade’s versatility and dedication to her role has not only been realised by Just Perfect Catering, but by the staff and clients across our network, who collectively have nothing but positive feedback for Jade and the role she plays within the business.

Because of Jade’s dedication and pride in her role, Jade has had the rare opportunity to be involved in incredible events, and has even been treated to a speed boating session as a thank you for her continued hard work.

Both Managing Directors of Just Perfect Catering have said that they are highly proud of Jade for all of her hard work and dedication to the business, she truly is an inspiration to us all.

In light of this, we thought we’d ask Jade a few questions about her position with Just Perfect Catering in a special employee interview.

What do you most enjoy about working for Just Perfect Catering?

The thing that I enjoy most about working for Just Perfect Catering is that there is never one day the same, every day is different, I like learning different things and I like cooking and being able to manage my own site. I have enjoyed working for Just Perfect Catering for six years because I have been able to grow in new roles within the business and develop new skills, and I have become a more confident person and can work more on my own to get jobs completed and on time. What I do is worthwhile because I learn new ideas and cooking experience on a day to day basis, and I enjoy learning new things.

You were recently promoted to manager at one of our sites, how did you feel about getting that promotion after showing incredible dedication for 6 years?

When I got promoted I felt happy and I couldn’t wait to start because I knew I had enough experience and trust in JPC to give me the opportunity to grow more with the company with becoming a manager. Just Perfect Catering always made me feel able to be myself and learn and develop, and being promoted made me feel good because of all the experience and training that I have had in the six years that I have worked with the company I could use it all and try to become a good and understanding manager.

What do you do day in day out? Tell us about your routine.

My day to day routine at Just Perfect Catering is to get breakfast all cooked and laid out ready for staff to come up and enjoy freshly cooked breakfast, I ensure versatility with everything I do, even if it means cooking a little bit extra if a customer asks for it, I always want to make sure the customers are catered for and are happy. After breakfast, I prepare the salad bar and the lunch, which includes creating some delicious homemade dishes and salads. Breakfast ends at 11am and I immediately begin the preparation for lunch at 12pm, and I enjoy the quick paced working schedule that I have mastered- I’ve learnt how to manage my time effectively. By personally preparing the salad bar, I can ensure it is all fresh, while the lunch service is going on I can clean the kitchen, because I understand the importance of keeping the workplace clean, and I think that works as part of my pride for the job that I am doing.

Although you’re a manager at one of our sites, your role includes working across the Just Perfect Catering network, what are your most memorable experiences?

My most memorable experience without a doubt is all the times I have worked at charity events, such as Ty Hafan and Latch (Emyrs Orange Ball). The pride I feel working towards supporting such incredible causes far outweighs anything else. I am proud not only to support local Welsh charities, but to be working for a business who shares the same pride and values as I do. Serving hot food to families taking part in the Ty Hafan Welsh3Peaks was especially great, I was doing my part in the fundraising process, even receiving a card afterwards from the children saying thank you for my hard work and support on the day.

Latch is a charity supporting children towards the end of life, and every year, a family who lost their little boy to cancer hold Emyr’s Orange Ball in the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl to help raise money for Latch, which I am proud to have supported once again this year.

The support of Just Perfect Catering to the numerous charities of which I’ve been a part, has been the best part of my employment, by far.

You obviously work in catering, preparing, and cooking day to day, so what would your favourite meal consist of and why?

My favourite meal is a burger and chips, I’d have to finish that off with chocolate sponge and pink custard as it reminds me of when I was in primary school. I’d wash all that down with my favourite drink, squash, and lemonade, as it is refreshing and nice on hot days.



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