Afternoon Tea Week

This week is Afternoon Tea Week! A time to enjoy and indulge in tea, sandwiches and sweet treats, now that sounds like a pretty good week!

Afternoon Tea was introduced in Britain in the 1840's. The meal is made up of mini sandwiches (small rectangles), freshly baked scones with clotted cream & jam, a range of small cakes and pastries. What more could you want?

Originally, Afternoon Tea was developed as a 'Private social event' for ladies who were high in society.

Any invitations given out to the ladies stated that the tea would be between 4pm & 7pm, they could come and go anytime between then.

We now can enjoy enjoy a delicious Afternoon Tea at anytime of the day. A range of cafes and hotels now provide Afternoon Tea menus for Women, Men & Children to enjoy.