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A time for giving...

Christmas offers a unique opportunity to get out and do some good. They say the festive period is a time for giving, and while we all sit at our computers clicking away at our Amazon baskets, or spend evening upon evening walking around the high street looking for the best deals on toys, smellies and socks, giving isn't just about gifts.

We can give our time, our support and our care to those less fortunate, those who may not have family or friends or those who are just in need of a little festive cheer on what can be one of the more saddening times of the year for many people. At Just Perfect Catering, we continually look out for our community by providing donations and sponsorships, job opportunities and general support to those who need it. Over Christmas, we support our communities by donating equipment and food, providing support to local food banks and charities and even supporting the homeless over the cold and harsh winter months. Even the smallest gesture can go a long way, perhaps while you're shopping you notice an elderly person struggling with bags and you may wish to offer a hand, though a small gesture, this can really help make the person feel as though someone really cares- it's a little festive giving that goes a long way. Perhaps you have a family member who feels low or lonely over December and you make the conscious decision to visit more often, offer to take them out for a meal or even just sit and talk about the day. Remind them that someone cares and someone is always available to listen.

If you can spare some money, why not donate to your local homeless charity, providing your support to a cause that could mean the difference between someone going hungry and cold this December and someone enjoying a hot meal and some well deserved cover from the winter elements.

If you can't spare any cash, don't worry, the next time you visit your local supermarket, think about buying a few extra tins, even a tin of soup or beans can help, then place them in the food bank donation boxes that are so prevalent in supermarkets today. Your donations could help ease a huge burden on a family in your local area. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do something, however little, however insignificant you may think it is, someone out there will see it as a grand gesture and you may be able to make a difference to someone else by giving. Christmas is a time for giving, a time for caring and a time for showing we care. Together, we can all do our bit in making this season a season to remember for everyone.



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