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A cheque to start it all

Our first ever cheque came from a genuinely ‘right place, right time’ moment, it was like fate which helped move us along to where we are today.

We were at a local park taking food pictures, before Instagram #Foodie was a thing. The pictures were for our first website and we were excited from the get-go.

A lady randomly walked up to us in the park and noticed we were shooting food and asked us quite out of the blue whether we could do corporate catering and wanted to bring some samples to her house along with some champagne.

Of course, when you first set up a business, it doesn’t feel real so we were really unsure if this was genuine, or someone after some free food, but we rushed to prepare for the next day anyway, filled with excitement.

It turned out it was genuine, and the clients were actually the owners of a huge national company. They booked us for a Queen’s Business Awards, providing a champagne canape reception in the day and a barbecue by night. And with that, our first ever cheque was born.

The event was held and went really well, we had a van on site, but the fridge wouldn’t work if the van wasn’t running, at the time it was all we could afford! What can you do…

In the hustle and bustle of running the event, I managed to cut my finger and had to go to hospital, but before I did, I spent a while talking to the client trying hard to not show the pain in my face, with my hand behind my back avoiding them seeing the blood… now that’s dedication.

So the moral of the story is, never dream too big, and be extra careful with a kitchen knife. We received our first cheque after the event, which to this day holds pride of place on our office wall. I’ve even still got a scar on my finger reminding me of one of the greatest events ever, and I’ve still got my 10 fingers, so it all worked out in the end!



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