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Celebrating 13 years of JPC

Just Perfect Catering are celebrating our 13th year in business in 2022. From our first ever contract we have grown year on year to become a true representation of what passionate catering should be.

We’ve always wanted to play a role in the industry that sets us apart from our competitors, by offering unique ideas and developing incredible concepts that really showcase how focusing on the things that matter most can make a difference. Whether that’s the quality and locality of the food, the wellbeing of our employees as well as the wellbeing of our client’s employees or simply providing to a community in need wherever we can to collectively make positive changes.

Back when I started JPC in 2009 it felt as though providing food was more of a necessity than an experience, it was then that I decided to use my knowledge, skills and passion to focus on changing that concept and creating unique experiences that injected flair and passion into the industry, which fully translated into renewed services for our clients and quality that encompassed so much more than just the food on offer to workforces.

I had a solid grasp back in 2009 on what I wanted to achieve, which was simply to offer a better way forward for employees in the catering industry, to strive to put passion back into food services and give back to the community through dedicated support to local suppliers, farmers and organisations. I recognised then that making changes would be difficult, especially as a female business owner, but I am so proud that 13 years on, those achievements and goals have been fully realised and I am optimistic that as we enter a new chapter, we can continue to work with new and present clients alike to continue making positive changes in the industry and provide a truly focused service to the workforces we cater for. Our next 13 years is our chance to continue to grow and bring a unique catering experience to even more workforces in the UK.

Our focus for our 13th year is on making greater stead in our sustainability objectives to become the industry leader in preservation of our incredible planet and working to protect our environment. We already deliver exceptional sustainability practices across our network, and no more so is this apparent than in our dedication to local food sourcing.

As we head towards 2023 and a new year, we thank everyone who have supported us in realising our objectives, from our incredible teams, our clients and our customers who have and continue to value and recognise the hard work that goes into being the company that make a difference.



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