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The Just Perfect Experience

The Key to Delivering Success

Honesty, integrity and value-for-money are key to our service delivery. It is this approach that allows us to work as a contract caterer in Wales to many of the leading companies, corporate offices, care homes and public sector organizations within Wales. Our clients trust and rely on us to deliver. And we do.


Health and Wellbeing

Just Perfect Catering are committed to supporting health and wellbeing. With the innovative concepts we implement, we believe that people will be encouraged to eat healthily without necessarily realising that healthy eating can be fun and still taste great. We think that by offering healthy options that people may not have tried before, we can gain interest and improve people’s learning, understanding and overall acceptance of healthy eating.



We believe in changing the culture and ethos of the contract catering services currently being offered across Wales and beyond. We offer new innovative contract catering approaches to excite and entice in the form of innovative food concepts that allow us to always provide the latest in food trends.

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