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Have you tasted real coffee yet?

Image by Tina Guina
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An Epicurist is somoeone who loves good, quality food and drink...

That's why we're Epicure. Because to us, coffee should be about quality. Our beans come from reputable suppliers and our baristas know how to make the perfect cup of java.

Image by Jon Tyson

With Epicure Coffee, you can be assured of:-

- Quality beans from reputable sources
- A focus on sustainability
- A blended coffee experience
- Innovative ideas



We care about the environment 

My Forever Cup Campaign

We sell forever cups at every site we operate which directly supports our sustainability objectives. You purchase your forever cup, and get 5% off your coffee every time you use it, which means you save money and help save the planet.

You can pick your forever cup up from our team wherever advertised.


From biodegradable cups made using recycled materials to giving our customers our used grounds for gardening and natural fertiliser, we do our bit for our environment and together with our customers we make the world a better, safer and sustainable place to live.

Epicure Coffee Co. A trading name of Just Perfect Catering Limited. Website copyright 2022.

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