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Visitor Attractions

How we can help make memories with our Visitor Attraction Catering

There are so many great places to visit in Wales and the South West, whether you're looking for the busy city life, somewhere quiet in the foothills of the Brecon Beacon National Park or want to delve into some extreme sports at Cardiff International White Water

Our aim has always been to create a unique dining experience within every visitor centre that we run, with our focus on food and service offer extending your experience and securing those all important memories you want to create on your visit.

Visitor attractions deserve a taste of what the region has to offer

We love the communities in which we operate, and we especially love what culinary delights are on offer locally and regionally. Just Perfect Catering are proud of our ability to provide fine local produce across our network of visitor attractions so visitors young and old can taste the thing we love most.

We work with local and regional suppliers to ensure a selection of fresh regional produce is available daily across all of our visitor attractions.

Full Knowledge and Dedicated Support

We know the importance of visitor attraction catering, and we understand the service we provide needs to be an integral part of the experience. That's why we use our knowledge to provide unique ideas to all of our visitor attractions. When we create menus, promotions and design ideas, we do so with the knowledge of market trends, customer wants and needs, imaginative ideas and incredible food offering that resonates with our customer base, and ensures an unrivalled catering experience.

Coupled with our dedicated support network, we work hand in hand with our clients to deliver that experience.

Innovation at the core

As experienced visitor attraction caterers in Wales and the South West, we understand the need to create menus based around the venue itself, its core aims and objectives but also what the customer wants. We continually support our clients to help create great promotions and menus that will help increase footfall at the visitor attraction and create memories through unique dining experiences.

Our Venues

From museums to country parks, extreme sports centres to quaint cafés nestled in nature, our visitor centres offer customers something unique that will help create memories. Each venue has a dedicated website to further entice customers far and wide, offering deals and events all year round.

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