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Extra Care

Extra Care & Assisted Living

Just Perfect Catering are proud to say that our contracts benefit our local economy; we are a home grown company that strives to support the local community and local people who live with in it.

We have years of experience providing catering at Extra Care and Assisted Living Schemes; we make sure that all residents enjoy an offering that they want.

We work with our clients to create bespoke menus that can include:

  • 4 Weekly Menus

  • Traditional Favourites

  • Themed Days/Events

  • Afternoon Tea Days



Just Perfect Catering ensures that residents are happy with their menu offering and can always have the chance to ask for new dishes; after all, it is their home.

Community Projects

Just Perfect Catering works in partnership with clients to help bring the local community to the residents. It is important to help the residents socialise and enjoy every day at their home.

Let’s bring our residents and the local community together.

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