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As part of Earth Day this April 22, you can pick up a free bag of coffee grounds from us which helps us reuse, reduce and recycle for our planet.

These coffee grounds provide a range of benefits to your garden. Check out the facts below for more.


Is coffee good for plants? Yes. The benefits of coffee grounds in the garden are wide.

Using coffee grounds to fertilise your garden is simple: work the grounds into the soil around your garden, and you’re set to go. Fertiliser in the form of coffee grounds aids in the aeration of your soil, drainage and supports life.


Plants get food from the sun, absorbing ultraviolet light and converting it into food. The process of using sunlight to create food is called photosynthesis. For a plant to properly photosynthesize, it needs nitrogen. Used coffee grounds, as well as used filters, make great compost.

One thing to keep in mind: compost piles need equal amounts of green compost material and brown compost material to benefit your garden. Without a proper balance, your compost pile may not break down and might even start to smell bad. This is where coffee grounds help!

pick up your bag as part of Earth Day

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