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    Catering facilities to rival any established kitchen.

Just Perfect Catering is one of the leading TV and film location caterers in the UK

We own and operate state-of-the-art location catering facilities and can be relied upon to provide exquisite food and a fast, efficient service.

From our base in Bridgend, we provide location catering to Cardiff and the rest of Wales. We also provide location catering to Bristol and the areas in the Southwest.

Just Perfect Catering has a variety of location catering facilities, equipment and vehicles to suit any location catering needs.

We have catering facilities to rival any established kitchen. We have a substantial support network within our business and can offer a large team of professional Event Managers, Location Managers, Executive Chefs and catering team members with years of location catering experience.

We can provide: Day and night shoots, Continuous Lunches, Afternoon Tea, American Craft Services and more... Contact us for more information.

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Peace Of Mind

With the equipment and team to support multiple location shoots, we eliminate the need for additional location catering units.


Our Highly Professional Team Are Always on hand

We can react to any last minute changes and all of our food is sourced from local producers and regional suppliers, whenever possible. We always strive to work within productions budgets and can provide a full breakdown of costs before hand: Here is a list of the services we can provide:

Location catering

- Self contained location kitchen
- Pantry vans
- Mobile fridge trailer
- Mobile freezer trailer

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TV catering

- 4x4 support vehicles
- Support vans
- Pop up shelters
- Hot and cold boxes

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Film catering

- Insulated beverage dispensers
- Portable tables
- Serving, eating & disposal equipment
- Recycling bins

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