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Book your free catering audit with Just Perfect Catering. We are specialists in supporting your business with better quality catering provisions at reduced costs. Why not let us visit you at your site and complete a full audit of your services.

We will complete the proper examination into your facility and establish your current practices. We are well acquainted with current hygiene legislation and will do a full cleanliness review. Our audits are completely prepared in all parts of the industry and are available to observe and advise.


The Audit Process


Providing reviews to your catering service

Our prescribed initial phase is an intensive survey of services and your requirements. Clients may not always be sure of the best alternatives for their specific circumstance. A few days will be spent on area overseeing the service, meeting with partners and data gathering. A full report will be taken which will include in-depth qualitative and financial information.


Budgetary Health Check

We will do a budgetary check against known industry benchmarks to decide whether in-house activity is proficient or if outsourcing offers more of an incentive to save on costs. We will provide you with detailed estimates and reasoning.


Market Testing/Tender Facilitation

Our far-reaching background in the area has enabled us to assess various tender responses. By working with clients and legal teams, we ensure that bidders know about the tender and service requirements.


For more information on our free audit, or to speak to one of our contract catering specialists, please get in touch by emailing enquiries@justperfectcatering.co.uk or calling us on 01656 724 363